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About the Blacksmith Name Generator

Looking for blacksmith names for a D&D campaign? This blacksmith name generator can generate thousands of blacksmith shop names and bonus attributes

If you don't like the blacksmith shop or attributes you get, just keep hitting that button until you do.

Popular Blacsmith D&D Items

Blacksmith Craft Dice

Blacksmith Craft Dice (Amazon)

This dice has nothing to do with blacksmithing, but I thought it was cool set with amazing reviews and it's from the brand Blacksmith Craft Dice.

Minecraft Blacksmith

Minecraft Blacksmith (Amazon)

And of course the most popular blacksmith of all time...the one from Minecraft! Who doesn't want an awesome little Minecraft figurine to join you on your blacksmithing adventures?

Blacksmith Hand Crafted Dice

Blacksmith Hand Crafted Dice (Amazon)

How about some HAND CRAFTED blacksmith dice? These baddies are made out of iron and are perfect for the blacksmith to be or as a solid weapon...

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